Thursday, March 12, 2009

P4: In Singapore

I just did the campus exchange for P4,P5 in Singapore. The rationale was two fold

1. To get out of Europe as employment is fantasy around here.
2. Align myself with the PR process so that I can hook up with jobs in Singapore.

The experiment so far has had mixed results. I like Singapore as a city but I'm not sure of what's left in the city. Layoffs have been taking place fairly regularly and severely. Companies are coming on to campus but most of them are recruiting for China (which implies mandarin speaking).

For folks thinking of an exit language, please do consider Mandarin. It's useful and might be a good strategic move given that China is set to dominate the world at some point.

Pretty frustrating so far. A few readers have asked me to elaborate on "if i were to do it again, I would..." type of post. So that's coming up soon..

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