Thursday, March 12, 2009

If I were to do it again...

1. I would apply to LBS as well..
2. I would start in the January intake. September lacks an internship and that's really not so convenient.
3. I would start P1, P2 in Singapore. P3 wherever internship is. P4,P5 in Fonty.
4. I would spend more effort on Finance
5. I would have started networking earlier if I had known how... But I should've started a bit earlier
6. I would have not encouraged free ridership in some of my groups
7. I would have considered a private equity career strongly (although nothing major wouldve come out of it)


konfused said...


Its Friday t'row so should we catch up over a few drinks? Drop me an email at

Take it easy and good luck with the job search.


Eaten? said...

Hey, I am from Singapore and just got admitted. Am considering to do P1 and P2 in Fonty, and complete the rest in Singapore. Any reason why you would do it the other way (if u were to have done it again)?

InseadApplicant said...

@konfused: I emailed you. We catch up tomorrow for sure.

@Eaten: Congrats on your admit. INSEAD's a great school and overall you will get a lot of value out of it. The reason I mentioned starting out P1, P2 in Singapore is for a few reasons

1. You build a much stronger network with your peers as the experience is much more bonding (smaller class size, a bit more relaxed environment, multiple socializing opportunities)
2. Easier to socialize with companies and the industry. Fonty is a real village and besides the executives that come on campus, other opportunities are pretty hard.

Now on the other hand, I think it's great to finish up in Fonty because I feel that after INSEAD, you really need a European/American job to repay your loans. All the singapore gigs I look at right now are either low paying or in a very services oriented industry. And for me (very important since all this is my opinion) this is not that great. I'm looking for product development, manufacturing etc. And there's only that much that happens here. And plus, there are more rigid language requirements all around the area so you're kinda screwed.

Your plan may make a lot of sense for a Singaporean, I think. You'll need to do a bit of research by talking to other Singaporeans who are here..

Eaten? said...

@InseadApplicant Thanks!