Saturday, February 21, 2009


One of the best courses I've taken at INSEAD is called International Political Analysis. The content was just okay, but the professor who taught it - Vinnie Aggarwal - a visiting professor from Haas just rocked the show.

The entire class felt like a story of countries, their manipulations and struggles. Just plain amazing..


akis said...


I have been following your blog for a long time. Firstly, wanted to thank you for the great job you are doing through this blog

I am an R2 applicant, India and just got interviewed for Sep 09 class. I am goign through the exact same delimma which you ddid exactly a year back ISBvs INSEAD.Now that you are 6 months into the program could you guide me on this. I am asking this purely in terms of ROI cause I believe that no other school could give the international experience which INSEAD gives. Please help, really confused

Also I am facing the same issue of raising a loan and feel stupid that I didnt look up earlier that INSEAD does not have tie ups with banks. Could you advice as to how you raised the loan?

InseadApplicant said...

Hi Akis,

Go for INSEAD. For 3 reasons

1. INSEAD is a more established school so stronger brand in Europe and SE Asia
2. Diversity - dont have a class just full of desi's. This is very important in the long run.
3. In reality, ISB is expensive by Indian standards. This is a minor point though.

About the loan, things are screwed up man. I got a loan from Sallie Mae in the US. I had to agree to about 6% and variable interest.Plus, you need an american co-signer which was not easy to get as well.

Another option is to network with you future classmates. Find a french citizen and offer them a deal they cannot refuse. Ask them to cosign a french loan from BNP or BRED and in exchange pay them a sum over the interest (like 3000 Euros cash + a security deposit of 5000 euros).

These are hard times that call for creative measures.

good luck.