Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ze alumni

The coolest thing about INSEAD is...

.. not the courses
.. not the professors
.. not the parties
.. not the proximity to Paris
.. not the dual campus

it's ze alumni. Unlike HBS, Chicago etc, our alum is totally down to earth, high achieving and most important of all - eager to make it happen for you.

The school does an excellent job of developing the alumni and integrating them with the campus. We get access to a database of all the alumni and we can reach out to them for a conversation about their company or experience.

If I were INSEAD, I'd do a few things to improve the Alumni experience

1. Make career service support to be life-time. It's a great PR strategy and let's face it not too expensive. The alumni is not really going to put huge demands on the service
2. Make the INSEAD gym available to alumni. This will encourage more alumni visits to the campus and thereby increasing networking opportunities
3. Open up the library to alumni as well. Same reasoning at #2.


inseader said...

I must admit that all of your suggestions are very good. I'd especially like INSEAD to implement life-time career services idea. As you have rightly said that it will be a PR machine.

Thanks for your insights and views.


INS said...

INSEAD implemented life long career services for alumni of the alumni associations in Oct 2008.

INS said...

INSEAD offers life-long career support to members of the alumni association since Oct 2008 - including a job board and career management tools :-)

InseadApplicant said...

I stand corrected then. Thanks for posting..

doriot.fb said...


Alumni are always welcome to use our Library resources & facilities when they are on campus and this page this page gives information about off-campus access and the Business Source Alumni database. Cheers. Doriot Library staff.

InseadApplicant said...

well, I guess I just have to wait for the gym guys to write here telling me that even the gym is open to alumni :-)