Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fontainebleau living spots

Good locations in Fontainebleau city to live in:

1. Rue Royale Apartments on Rue Royale. This is probably the closest place to campus and also happens to be very comfortable living.
2. Rue St Merry, Rue St Honore, Rue de France, Rue Grande: These are streets that are within 10-15 mins walking distance from school. The quality of apartments varies widely, so you really want to see pics and take your time to choose. Lots of people pressurize you into believing that there is a supply problem. IMO, this is pure BS. There's sufficient housing until say 1 month before school starts. After that things do start getting tight. Also, the Round 1 and Round 2 folks get the cheapest housing off the table so if you are Round 3 or Round 4, just chill and take a short term lease upfront. Once you get here you can find better places.
3. Avon: This is a little further away but very doable by bycycle. It might get kind of nasty with the winter, but still doable.

Then there are more villages in and around Fontainebleau (Samoreau, Veneux Les Sablons, Barbizon, Samois etc etc). Those are options for the automobile-ready